Superhero Qualities

Dianella Heights Primary School creates dual action pennants that turn into capes!

Local chaplain, Paul Stokes has been involved in promoting Aussie of the Month at Dianella Heights Primary School.

The chaplain along with other school community members created pennants to hang on the back of the award recipient's chair. They can also be worn as capes when the award is first received at assembly.

The school has a culture of creativity so the pennants/capes were well received.

Students were encourgaed to show their superhero qualities by using the school virtues at home and in the community. This superhero quality is why students are awarded Aussie of the Month.

Paul was grateful to school admin, an area chaplain, teacher and church representative who assisted with the idea and creation of the pennant/capes. Some people even gave up their long weekend to help with the project.

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Rebecca Low